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Stainless Steel Trolling Wire
300ft spool comes in 40lb test and 50lb test.

Many of us troll with wire line and understand the benefits, which there are many.

In most instances no additional weight is necessary since wire line acts as a weight due to its high density vs. diameter and does not stretch - all adding up to more hookups.

Monel wire has been the standard for quite some time. The main disadvantage of Monel is the rising cost of this alloy, which is primarily nickel and copper. Monel could be as high as $50.00 or more for a 100-yard spool.

There is an alternative!!

Product Description:
TGT has found what is being called "Ultra Soft" Stainless Steel Wire. It has a density about 8 times greater than water. Its softness is virtually indistinguishable from Monel and we invite you to try a spool to see if you can detect a difference.

And best of all we can offer a 300ft spool of 40# or
50# wire for about 50% of the cost of Monel.

Please Note: As with all wire line, electrolysis and corrosion can occur due to the dissimilar metals of the wire line and your spool. After a day of trolling it is advisable to wash your spool of line vigorously with fresh water from a garden hose. For even better performance after washing, spray it with WD-40 or Spray Silicone. This will protect your reel as well. For backing we recommend braided Dacron about 10 pounds heavier than the wire you are using. Dacron will not rot, it packs tightly and does not stretch. All good qualities when your terminal tackle can be out from 150 to 300 feet or more. And Dacron is very economical.