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For those who like to troll smaller lures to match the hatch, the TGT Spoon Spreader Bars fills the bill. Nearly indestructible to the toothiest of fish. Email us for pricing and availability.

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Spoon Spreader Bars Winglet Spoons (2 pk) Email us for pricing and availability.

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Bunker and Herring Spoon Spreader Bars. Email us for pricing and availability.

Product Description:  
These bars come fully rigged with a 24" spring Stainless Steel Spreader Bar, one of Herring Spoons in any of our four colors on the center drop, and two winglet spoons. Can also be used with one of our larger bunker spoons. Saves money by not having to replace shad like those on typical umbrella rigs.
  • Our top quality Herring Spoon on the center drop with snap swivel
  • Small Holographic Scaled Spoons on the outer drops to match the hatch
  • Spring Stainless Steel Spreader Bars
  • 150 pound or greater rigging components and leader
  • Snap Swivel center drop. Quickly change to any of our spoons and colors
  • Increase your chances to catch larger fish out of the smaller fish on the big center drop spoon
  • Minimal drag when trolling