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The TGT Rod Holder Swivel is a solid stainless steel insert
that drops into any flush mount rod holder and transforms it into a swivel base rod.
This item is currently not in stock. We will update the page once available.

Product Description:
The advantages of swivel base rod holders over standard rod holders are well known among serious offshore fishermen: the rod tip follows the fish at hook-up, allows mates to adjust trolling pattern spread by adjusting rod angle and allows anglers to swing rod tip in for rigging and out for fishing.

The TGT Rod Holder Swivel is inexpensive, compact and easy to use. It can be stored in your pocket or tackle drawer when not in use.

The TGT Rod Holder Swivel is extra heavy duty and has no tackle class limitations. It has a fully adjustable nylon clutch system which allows the angler to adjust the tension of the swivel to adapt to the species of fish he is targeting.

  • Convert any flush mount rod holder to swivel base and back to standard in seconds
  • Marine grade stainless steel
  • All tackle class rated
  • Multiple - disk adjustable clutch
  • Extractor included

What more can we say? Try one and see the difference it makes!