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"The ONLY Generational out rigger"
March Madness Price: $199.00 per pair

The TGT Stainless Steel Rod Riggers™ takes trolling to new levels. Our Rod Riggers are the first Offshore Rated rod rigger capable of handling most types of conventional reels with and adjustable reel seat.

Product Description:
  • Made from marine grade stainless steel for a longer lasting generational rod rigger.
  • Designed to be the most reliable outrigger system you can depend on that you can take with you on any boat!
  • Utilizes an adjustable reel rest and rod cradle which provides much more security for your rod and reel. No chance of it slipping out during those tight turns!
  • Designed with a state of the art pivoting action that requires a lot less force to remove the rod once you have your trophy fish on the line! This is a big advantage over more conventional rod riggers because they keep you inside the boat for better control. That makes it easier for anglers of any size or stature to use!
  • Our unique design will give you the ability to adjust the line length and drag while keeping the rod securely in the Rod Rigger.
  • Our patented Z-Lock feature secures the rod rigger into your boat's rod holder for unsurpassed security. Never worry about losing your rod and reel after a hook up!
  • Comes complete with a safety strap to secure your reel and navigational color-coated reel guards.

Besides your spoons I also use your Rod Rigger. I wish I had these years ago. I almost didn't buy them because of the price. I thought, could they be that much better? Well, they were one of the best investments I've ever made. I do a lot of fishing alone these days and they have made getting the rod to fight the fish so much easier. I like the fact that there is no leaning over the side of the boat and the fact that you basically just lift the pole straight up. When I have people on the boat with me, they all remark how great the rod riggers are. They are use to the other type of rod riggers. Not only are these so easy to use, they are solidly built. They will outlast me that's for sure!
Thanks for producing such fine products.
     Joe De Lucia

Next-gen Rod-riggers
I touched briefly in this column on Tournament Grade Tackle's remarkable rod-riggers a year or so ago when I discovered them. Since then, I've used them extensively, and I'm even more impressed than I was to begin with. I absolutely love these things, and I wish a few SoCal retailers would carry them.

With every other offshore-suitable (non-plastic, in other words) rod-rigger I've seen, you have to lean over the gunwale and pull the rod butt out away from the boat to remove it from the rigger. That's not a big deal until there's a fish on the line, and then it's both difficult and a little dangerous. With the TGT riggers, on the other hand, you simply lift up and in.

The TGTs also place the reel directly over the gunwale instead of outboard. They don't get your rod tips quite as far out, but the trade-off is that you can let line out, reel in and adjust your drag without leaning over. The reel is cradled securely in a rubber-lined "seat" so it can't rotate when you turn the handle.

Also, the riggers incorporate a patented "Z-notch" at the bottom of the mount that locks them securely into your flush-mount gunwale holders so they can't be inadvertently lifted out. To get them out, you have to first twist and then lift.

Like Fortress anchors, TGT riggers are expensive but worth it. They're light-years ahead of any other offshore rod-rigger on the market.
     Zack Thomas
     September 2008 issue of FishRap

To The TGT staff, wanted to express my gratitude in using which I believe is the easiest and most efficient rod rigger on the market. I am the owner-operator of Andreas Toy Charters and have been using the Rod Riggers for over 2 years. I use the riggers for Striper Trolling, and when I need a different position of my lures during Tuna trolling. My favorite feature of the Rod Riggers are the ability to maneuver rods under the strain of trolling and have no issues with removing them from their cradle. They really show their stuff when removing 20/30/50 class reels when trolling for Tuna. Great job on introducing a phenomenal product.
     Capt. Fred Gamboa
     Andreas' Toy Charters

On the Amanda Lee, we run a 7 rod pattern with no outriggers preferring Tournament Grade Tackle Rod Riggers to properly position our set. We position our two closest lines; jet heads with flat line clips that are 3 feet inboard and 30 feet out. The next two lines are Tournament Grade Tackle green or Yum Yum Yellow Delta bars 70 to 80 feet out run right off the rods with no clips. The next two lines are Green Monsta chains run off the rod riggers with the lines back 90 to 110 feet and in the tower center rocket launcher back 150 feet is a pink Tournament Grade Tackle Delta Bar. This is our typical set which we of course adjust and change depending on conditions and the bite. With the Rod Riggers we are able to turn tightly and do not have cross over even in windy conditions as the line has a lower angle to the water. Our rods and reels; Penn 50 TW Internationals with Reddington and Seeker Rods fit the riggers perfectly and we are able to clear weeds and adjust the lures quickly and comfortably without taking the rods out of the riggers. We set the drags light in the riggers so they can be released to the angler with no more effort than taking a rod out of a conventional holder. The riggers are of the highest quality and look great on the boat. We put a beating on both the fish and our gear during the course of the season and this is a piece of equipment that is truly Canyon tested under extreme conditions. I highly recommend TGT's Rod riggers to any Canyon fisherman.
     Capt Matt Baryshyan
     Amanda Lee Sport Fishing Adventures

You have come up with a brilliant concept of taking the hassle of getting a rod out of a holder with minimal effort. TGT Rod Riggers are set up in a way that even a child can remove the rod with a large fish on (and you don't have to worry about loosing the rod). Another benefit that I find very helpful is the way that my rods lay while trolling. More parallel with the water than any other gimbal rod holder on the market! This feature makes it easier to see how your bait is working while fishing. From the helm, (with no effort what so ever) I can clearly watch my rod tips. This way makes it much easier to tell if your hitting bottom, pulling weeds or your lures are fouled. My customers are always asking where I had these Custom rod riggers made? They can't believe that these are commercially available. Also asking how much? My next offering is to show them last years rod holders (the plane old t-square type) and tell them - "for about $100 more they can have something that not only looks good, it works!" Thanks for making such useful - quality products!
     Capt Steve Howell
     Doubled Up Charters

TGT understands that you have a lot invested in your rod and reels. Why trust them to just any rod rigger? Compare our product to any of our competitors and you will see for yourself that buying our Rod Rigger was one of the best investments you made for fishing!