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Night Spreader Bars Packaging. Email us for pricing and availability.

TGT Night Spreader Bars come in the following styles, Single Glowing Squid, 3 Squid all glowing Daisy chain, 19" 3 Squid Spreader Bar all squid glowing, 36" Spreader Bar with 4 glowing Squid. All are packaged in top quality Velcro closing mesh bags.

Our Night Spreader Bar Glow Squids
Come In All These Different Colors:

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Single Glow Squid in Mesh Bag. Email us for pricing and availability.

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2 Single Glow Squid in
Two Pocket Mesh Bag. Email us for pricing and availability.

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19" 3 Squid Bar. Email us for pricing and availability.


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36" Spreader Bars. Email us for pricing and availability.

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3 Squid Daisy Chain. Email us for pricing and availability.


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Replacement Light Sticks. Email us for pricing and availability.

Product Description:  
It's well known when squid are excited they emit a bioluminescent glow.

TGT has developed and extensively tested our glowing squid to duplicate this natural occurrence and found them to be deadly in low light and night conditions. They glow brightly for 8 hours or more!

Own the night with these exciting new squid lures!

How To Use:
For optimum results in low light conditions troll them slowly under the surface at 4 to 4 1/2 knots at a depth where you are marking fish. Drop a single squid down off an outrigger when at anchor, drifting or pay one out in your chum slick. Can be used for Trolling during the day. Just save the glow stick for another time.

They are made in 3 styles: Single, Daisy Chain, and Spreader Bar.

Light Sticks:
TGT supplies two light sticks for each squid that has a light stick holder with your original purchase.

Although all color light sticks can be used with our squid lure product, we recommend green to work best with our squid lure product. Our tests have shown that green is the longest lasting and brightest glowing light stick. We have also found the green light stick to enhance all our squid lures the best.

TGT will not guarantee results of any other color light stick or manufacturer other than those supplied with our night bars or those purchased at an authorized TGT dealer. All our authorized dealers have committed to stocking their shelves with the correct replacements for our products.

Latest Customer Comments:
This past weekend we were fishing in the West Atlantis area that had great temperature breaks and killer reports all week. By the time we left to go there, the temperature and breaks had diluted and the seas had built to 7 feet. Worse of all was the fish had developed a case of lockjaw. After fishing for a full day and night, I was worried that we may be looking at the big goose egg for this trip. With no chunk bite to sustain us it was time to give the Night Bars a try with one objective in mind... save Captain Matt's behind!! We put out a 3 rod pattern of the 36" BAR, THE 24" BAR and the Daisy Chain. The seas were now 7 feet average and in the dark, I decided to do a controlled idle with the seas just using the controls to hold the keel even. With that we were still doing about 4 knots with the seas. At about 3:30 AM working the deep 500 fathom line the 24 inch bar went off and the flat line clip snapped back like a boomerang. The strike, even at the slow trolling speed, was one of the most violent strikes I can ever remember. We continued to run down sea and took the fish after a good ten-minute fight, a nice fat 80 lb YFT. I always felt that the night bar was a deadly concept; now my feeling has met reality. What a great ace in the hole the Night Bar is!

Captain Matt Baryshyan
Amanda Lee Sport Fishing Adventures
Stratford, CT