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TGT Flutter Spoons

Bass like their bunker. Our flutters will drive those bass nutters!


Product Description:
TGT continues to develop new products and after years of fishing with homemade "one off" flutter spoon jigs, it's time we introduced them to serious fishermen looking for that extra edge over their competition.

These new spoons are constructed with a stainless-steel powder coated body and are extremely effective when sitting on a school of bass. At around 3oz. they have enough weight for you to effectively jig for bass.

In keeping with TGT's commitment to produce only the best quality products possible. Take a minute to review their construction.

The body of the jig is stainless steel, and powder coated which can take a beating. The jigs are offered in numerous proven fish catching colors.

Flutter Spoon Jigs come fully rigged with a split ring mounted hook, and another split ring connecting to the barrel swivel. They also have an eye placed near the hook, unlike some other flutters. Science has proven fish strike the eyes, especially red ones like our jigs have. This means more strikes at the hooks.