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Top Quality - we invite you to compare them to any and all others!!

Spreader bars have been around for many years and TGT has developed "Dual Function Day and Night Bars". With them you can also troll Tuna in the dark and all low light conditions like no others.

We continue to upgrade function, quality and effectiveness of our tackle and have come up with a better "Mouse Trap" Spreader Bar. Our new "Delta Bars". Email us for pricing and availability.

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Delta Spreader Bars in Mesh Bag Email us for pricing and availability.

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Delta Spreader Bars with Glow Stinger in Mesh Bag
Comes with 3 Light Sticks. Email us for pricing and availability.


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Replacement Light Sticks. Email us for pricing and availability.

Product Description:  
Lets Get Back to Basics!

We have eliminated as many swivels, sleeves and crimps as possible to create a "Clean, Streamlined" bar. Rigged with (10) 9-inch squid they have fewer parts to corrode, crack and in general, wear out, break and fail. And the hooks are top quality Mustad stainless steel "Southern Style" Tuna Hooks.

The swept back spreader bars of spring stainless steel track perfectly and are by far less tumble and tangle prone. The Bullet shaped Center Blocks have less drag than square blocks. If you like to troll with your spreader bars raised out of water you can't avoid their diving into the chop at times. Our bullet shaped blocks dive in and out of the chop with ease and the angled spreader bars slice through them like the swept back wings of a jet aircraft. As a result you will experience far fewer false knock downs. Washing and maintenance of them has been reduced to a light fresh water rinse and it's O.K. if you miss or delay washing from time to time. Minimal swivels and sleeves to corrode from within. Our rigging beads are glass so there is no reaction between soft plastic squid and hard plastic beads. And we have developed a nylon core crimp. All in-line squid on all TGT Spreader Bars are now rigged with nylon core crimps which totally eliminates any nicking, pinching, cutting and wearing of leader material.

You can also order our Delta Bar with a glow stinger squid that glows in the dark for those low light conditions. They glow for an honest 8 hours or more and all components are of the same superior quality as you will find with all TGT Tackle. Email us for pricing and availability.