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March Madness Why be forked when you could be Spoonin'!

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10 1/2” TGT Rattling Bunker Spoon

Deadly on inshore species. The unique rattling mechanism and two tone powder coating has proven to be a fish catcher. This spoon works in dirty and clean water equally well. The action on this spoon will out fish others hands down. Take one out for a troll to experience the TGT difference. Now coming with a single stinger hook!

Product Description:  
In keeping with TGT's efforts to continue producing the best tackle possible we've made our 10 1/2" Bunker Spoons and Herring spoons even better. All of you that use our spoons are familiar with the nearly indestructible powder coated finish that gives you years of excellent service. Now even the keels are powder coated for that same durable finish.

The TGT Line of Spoons is the culmination of years of trolling with just about every spoon available and not being satisfied with any of them. So with that, it was to the drawing board. The result is simply ground breaking. After producing hundreds of prototypes and spending hundreds of hours on the water we produced what we feel is the best line of spoons bar none. Combining sound, color and action into one lure was our goal and as you will see below we accomplished it all.

Product Features:
Powder Coated
Nearly an indestructible finish. Stands up to the punishment of toothy fish, rough bottom contours and resists fading.
Ya don't think a rattle is important? Sound & vibration trigger fish to instinctively attack prey!
Predator fish are known to hone in on the eyes of prey fish.
Teaser Tail
A built in secondary lure. Single teaser tails add to the illusion of enhanced action.
Larger hooks, strategically placed on the body of the spoon where fish tend to strike, resulting in an increased hook up rate!
Dual Color
One of a kind idea! This two colored bunker spoon simulates more action, provoking fish to ATTACK!
Stainless Steel
Able to provide years and years of continued use.

Latest Customer Comments:
I just want to tell you short and sweet your bunker spoons are the best I had ever used and I have been striper fishing for 35 years. I caught over 200 bass in 15 trips combined of 30 hours... from 18lbs to 52 lbs and most were big, big fish. Thank you for your products and your knowledge, cant wait for the rod riggers!

Thank you

Jim Filardi -

I've been using your spoons and the spoon spreader for over 5 years now. I use them when trolling for stripers. I have had great success using these spoons. There have been times that I was one of the few at my marina that came back with fish. I owe the success to your spoons. When I first bought the spoons I would use one of your spoons on one pole and one of my others on the other pole. Majority of the times, your spoon outperformed the other spoon.

I recently let a friend try one of your spoons. He had very good success with it. It was on a day when the pick was slow. He said he had more action and caught most of the fish with the pole using your spoon. I'll be surprised if he doesn't buy his own very soon.

Thanks for producing such fine products.

Joe De Lucia

Dear TGT, I have been a live bunker and chunk bunker fisherman since the early 70's. I never trolled a bunker spoon before in my life although I heard plenty of stories on how they caught off the beaches in Jersey. I fished the TGT GREEN spoon in the Port Chester Yacht Club Striper Tournament two weeks ago and won second place with a 23 pound fish and lost a thirty pound plus fish that would have won the tourney right at the boat. I am completely sold on trolling spoons now and it is a regular part of my fishing strategy.


Matt Bellantoni - Greenwich Ct.

Just had to let you know that last Sunday, May 24,2009, was the very first time I tried one of your products. I was trolling a Blue TGT Rattling Herring Spoon for about 2 minutes when I landed a 43' 32lb Striped Bass, weighed in at one of your local dealers, Jersey Coast Bait & Tackle , Brick, N.J. I caught many other striped bass that day on these spoons, and I'm as hooked as the Stripers were. Thanks for providing a quality, fish catching product.


Darren T. (aka Fishin Dude)

I headed out this morning to fish your spoons exclusively. I literally had my best striper day ever! 18 keepers (and zero bluefish) on one tide. At least a dozen 30 lbs. and up. My first 40. Both the regular and horse bunker TGT spoons produced nonstop--it got so ridiculous with the double hookups I had to go to one rod only to keep things manageable. All released alive. Thanks again for the detailed tutorial. Your spoon is now the "nuclear option" in my arsenal.


John Toronto

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TGT Herring Spoon

Has the same rattle and teaser tail that makes our bunker spoons so deadly. When you need to match the hatch in the early spring or in the late fall during the herring run, use the TGT Herring Spoon for ultimate results.